When I’m not working on travel and lifestyle features I love to help brands with their content. In an age of pictures and limited attention span, punchy, succinct writing is vital.

Content writing: reports, guides and more

Content writing isn’t just about producing promotional copy. It’s about creating engaging words – and I’m excited to have worked with a broad range of clients to help them create tip-tip content. My experience ranges from helping Airbnb, the world’s leading homestay site, with their reports, website copy and more, to writing and editing BMWi’s sustainable restaurant guide, produced in collaboration with Melissa Helmsley. Along the way I’ve written lifestyle features for banks, blogs for tourist boards and car hire companies and copy for airline websites, along with the website copy for leading global hotel chains.

I can be fun, funny and casual or keep it straight down the line – and if you’re not sure what you need then I can help you decide.


My writing career began with my beloved blog, Burgers and Bruce (about burgers and Bruce Springsteen, of course). I started the blog after reading too many dull, lifeless blogs filled with pictures and no helpful insight or advice. My blogging experience goes far beyond my personal blog, and I love working with travel brands and hotels to produce useful, SEO-savvy and engaging copy for their own platforms.

Press release writing

Five years working in travel PR taught me a thing or two about press release writing, and now I’m a journalist I can see how bad press releases can be (grammar! Spelling! Clunky sentence structure! It looks shoddy and unprofessional). I can help you create a press release that is actually useful to press, as opposed to heading straight for the email trash can. I spend my time researching as well as writing, so that all the essential details are included, leaving you to get on with the all-important job of pitching and developing relationships.


Whether you’re looking for snappy copy about your hotel’s new suites, or would prefer someone to take charge of all of your social platforms, just let me know. I am proud to have built up my own social followings to 20,000+, and can help you engage with your audience in a natural, non-corporate way, too. Along with all the social essentials, I have experience with Facebook ads and marketing – and know how vital the copy is here, too.

Please get in touch at Hannah [dot] Louise [dot] Summers [at] gmail [dot] com if you'd like me to help.