The guy who started it all for me – really! My writing career was born entirely out of my love for Bruce Springsteen. I started Burgers and Bruce, my award-winning blog, after feeling disillusioned by a lot of the travel blogs out there. Where was all the helpful advice and food tips? Why so many bikini pictures?! I’m super proud that a somewhat ‘niche’ travel blog has been covered by the Guardian as Blog of the Week, along with write ups in Marie Claire, Elle, Emerald Street, EasyJet Traveller and Time Out.

Writing on Burgers and Bruce led to my first full-time journalism role at Escapism, and now, along with city guides and food ramblings, I provide travel tips via my Burgers and Bruce socials.

Burgers and Bruce has also led to one of my latest ventures – Hungry Heart. Hungry Heart is the ultimate night out for Bruce Springsteen fans, and world’s only Springsteen-dedicated club night. After a run of sell-out events in London, we’ve expanded to the rest of the UK and Ireland. Putting on events for 500 people is not an easy job, and I’ve learnt a lot about running events along the way. I also run Hungry Heart’s social and PR – with press in Time Out, Conde Nast Traveller, Metro, Evening Standard, Lonely Planet and, to name a few.

Check out the full blog, travel-related radio interviews and other media coverage right here.